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Hello Guys.

2009-08-10 06:36:47 by X-King

'Nuff said.

I am BACK :D

2009-07-14 16:05:15 by X-King

Well, I'm back and I've submitted A Song called : "Sparkster Level 1 Remix".

So, but why did you submitted this twice ?
There are 2 different Versions:
The first Version has some Vocals, and the Second Version has a Drumloop instead of Vocals.
Anyways, I hope you'll rate or review or download or fav or comment here, but you have to enjoy those ones. (:

Version One (Vocal): /255349

Version Two (Drumloop): /255350

Because of personal problems, I am going to take a break from music making. In this time, I'll learn the Basics from FL Studio and I'll try to make a good Techno/Dance/Anything else Song.
Enjoy my other Projects and works, I'll come back soon.

Question to you !

2009-07-04 20:35:34 by X-King

So, this is a quick Question to you, visitors!
Here is it:

What music/genre do you like/listen to ?
You can answer in my comments!

See you next time!

~ X-King

Question to you !

Hello Guys!

2009-05-29 18:44:26 by X-King

Today was a big update (30 May 2009)!
I put 2 songs that are sadly Demos but are also enjoyable.
Enjoy Listnening my music. ;D